Lancelot Juniour Dean Bravo, primarily known as Clane Matthew is a Jamaican born conscious hip hop artist. Clane moved to the United States in January of 2008, where he began to pursue his musical dreams. Later finding out that he was musically inclined at the age of 10, Clane began to pursue his love for music in hopes that one day his music could make a change to the world. Recently, his debut single "The Unspoken Word" gained praise from the public; streaming in three different continents including Africa and Europe. The song tackles the tough and controversial topic of racism in the U.S., and how it affects him and other African Americans. The song was described as "a powerfully felt message, with no cut cards & no held punches." (One Mic Zone). Clane has been described as being "one of the most anticipated newcomers on the 2019 indie hip hop scene" by JussRuss Radio and described as "having the potential to be one of the leaders of the new school" by Artist Sounds. Clane currently lives in Florida, where he continues to make a positive contribution to the world around him. 

"Clane Matthew is a Jamaican born conscious hip-hop artist who's higher thinking and profound lyricism puts him next in the game to be one of the most influential artists of his generation."

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